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Analyse des itinéraires de production des bovins produits sous l'appellation "Fin Gras du Mézenc...

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The aim of this work was to characterize the diversity of animals, as far as management is concerned, sold within the label "Fin Gras du Mézenc" (FGM). The particularity of the FGM sign consists of i) the seasonality, as the selling period is from 1rst February to 1rst June; ii) the fattening period exclusively with locally produced hay. Surveys were carried out in 32 private farms (beef cattle, dairy cattle and mixed) producing animals sold as FGM. Then, the rearing system was analysed from various angles: reproduction, replacement, culling, but also feeding and sorting of forage (hay), to reconstitute the trajectory of the fattened animals from birth to slaughter (n=169). Five different types of trajectories were defined, involving from 5 to 95 animals. They are based on rearing modalities such as birth period, production system (dairy crossbreed animals weaned at 3-4 months vs beef calves weaned at 7-8 months), fattening duration and modalities (hay sorted or not) and age at slaughter. The different trajectories are the expression and combinations between the ability of the animal to be sold in conformity with the technical specifications and the farmer's management of young animals within the herd. Notice N° D00174
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